License: GPL V2

Current Version: 2.1, released on April 8, 2012





Rigel is an RSS to IMAP gateway written in perl based upon rss2imap. Rigel is intended to allow a user to directly place RSS articles in an IMAP server of thier choice.

Rigel = [R]SS [I]MAP [G]ateway in p[E]r[L]

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version 2.1 – April 8, 2012

  • Added %{item:link:tinyurl} and %{channel:link:tinyurl} config value to get around sites with extreamly long url’s that some mail client’s cannot process in their subject lines

version 2.0 – March 9, 2012

  • Added strtrim’s to feed variables to remove extra spaces on some feeds.

version 2.0RC1 – June 28, 2010

  • Rewrote the entire delivery-mode logic, now more flexible but uses different configuration variables, see the UPGRADE doc for how to converts to the new format
  • Addition of user-agent string for link retreival
  • cropping start and end now both remove the text that is cropped upon
  • Rigel -R now only refreshes the configuraiton items and then exits instead of also processing feeds
  • refreshconfig option now updates both help files and add templates
  • Fixed a bug in the FeedSample that was overwriting the default site configuration variable
  • change the V1 config warning message to not display if Rigel’s been run with the -R command
  • Added support to send the log file to an IMAP folder
  • Updated IMAP folder select code to only ‘create’ the folder if the inital select fails
  • Fixed bug which would force the subject cache to always be used
  • Added support for webpages
  • Updated feed last modifed code so that when a feed has no last modified date, the current time is used instead
  • Added new command line option –only-one-feed to tell Rigel to only process a single feed from the configuration folder instead of all of them based on the feed description/message subject line.
  • Clean up of the -h command line output to match real options
  • Removed –delivery-mode command line option
  • Fixed issue with the subject caching code when the change to \r\n was made
  • Fixed logic issue in the date comparison code for articles
  • Added duplicate checks to the absulte URL code to ensure they are only replaced once
  • Added address tags to the list of tags that absolute URL update
  • Added suuport for Websites to use variables in their URL’s
  • Fixed incorrect list of macro’s for date items in the config file and the template messages

version 1.0 – October 26, 2009

  • updated template code to pad with 0’s the sec/min/hour values to two digits
  • Trimmed extra spaces from the start/end of the subject line for a feed item to ensure they match what is stored in the subject line cache
  • HTML::FormatText::WithLinks::AndTables is a little flaky, encapsulated in a Perl eval so things don’t blow up if there is a problem
  • added channel hostname macro

version 1.0RC1 – August 18, 2009

  • Added cropping mode
  • Fixed bug in mime encoder that split long lines when it shouldn’t
  • Added feed direction setting
  • Fixed bug in the add new feed code that dropped the subject line on new feeds
  • Added thtmllink mode
  • Removed the need for Unicode::Map8, Rigel now runs on Windows without a complier!
  • Major code cleanup, function descriptions, function naming standards and lots of other internal cleanup, the source code almost looks beautiful 😉
  • Converted all modules to be function based instead of object based
  • Renamed the module directory and modules
  • Added Template and IMAP modules
  • Added help folder and feed examples to the IMAP server
  • Added FAQ file
  • Fixed issues with feeds that have UTF8 encoding not getting stored in Perl in UTF8 format, causing currupt messages to be stored on the IMAP server
  • Added support for log files instead of just console output, including log file roll over and dual console/file output
  • Configuraton templates now support various date items
  • Removed old OPML import/export code as it hasn’t worked in a long time

version 1.0b5 – July 14, 2009

  • Fixed critical bug where sync mode was forced on for all feeds

version 1.0b4 – July 14, 2009

  • Added support for TTL’s in RSS Feeds
  • Added code to clean feeds of high ascii characters
  • Fixed issue with Courier IMAP
  • Added date/time to debug output
  • Added support for mhtmllink, htmllink and textlink message types
  • Updated “Template” add message to be more user friendly
  • Enabled “use subjects” by default
  • Updated the “Processing…” line to use the configuration message subject line instead of the rss url

version 1.0b3 – June 11, 2008

  • removed redundent config file loads
  • removed data::dumper from all .pm files except debug.pm
  • Fixed config file parsing to apply settings to the approrpriate site or global config variables only
  • possible bug fix with checking the time stamp on a search where no messages exist
  • Added debugging library and support
  • It turns out that you cannot count on UID’s being returned form append_string() when adding messages to the IMAP server, nor can you count on the flag’s variable in append_string() actually working so this update loops through all messages in the configuration and last update folders whenever a change is made and marks all messages as seen.
  • also removed the peek setting in the imap server connection code as some servers take this to mean to never update the seen status no matter what the function being preformed, incudeing a see() call
  • added Ignoresizeerrors to the IMAP connect to support mail servers like Exchange 2007
  • added code to check the validity of the subject lines being replaced in the last update so if an error occured after the connetion to the RSS feed was made and no subjects were actually returned the old list of subjects will be used

version 1.0b2 – April 3, 2008

  • Second Beta
  • Significant changes to the HTML->text converter code to better handle the kind of HTML that comes from RSS feeds
  • Rigel now strips HTML from subject lines when delivering in text mode
  • Rigel now requires HTML::Entities
  • Rigel now can cache the subject lines of feed items and use them to exclude items as being seen as new
  • Removed the use of WARN in the code
  • Delivery mode is now a per feed option instead of a global option
  • Added two new macro’s in the configuration file code, %{newline} and %{dashline:}
  • Reworked the macro code to strip out any macro that was not recognized or contained a blank item
  • The template “add” messages now include a list of all options available to be set, commented out by default
  • Fixed an issue that if a configuration message had a blank line in it, the parser would treat it as a “reset to default” command instead of just a blank line 🙂
  • Changed delivery modes from text/html to text/raw/embedded, see the install file for details
  • The add feed code now handles mime messages correctly

version 1.0b1 – March 18, 2008

  • Initial Beta
  • Based upon rss2imap v0.78 development
  • Moved RSS configuration details to the IMAP server instead of a local file
  • Combined the local and site configuration files in to a single configuration file
  • Changed logic on feeds so that if you delete an article Rigel will not re-add it on the next update
  • General code standardization and removal of of unused code