Oct 02

SULly Version 4.1 Released

SULly Version 4.1 has been released, this is a minor upgrade, including:

  • Added translation domain.
  • Added plugin name to the front of the change log e-mail title.
  • Fixed blank upgrade e-mail when it’s SULly being upgraded.
  • Fixed github-updater entries not being processed after upgrades are complete.
Aug 28

SULly Version 4.0 Released

SULly Version 4.0 has been released, this is a major upgrade, including:

  • Added beta support for github-updater packages (https://github.com/afragen/github-updater).
  • Added ability to re-process old failed or unknown packages (see the settings page).
  • Added support for markdown style links in the change log.
  • Fixed support for language translation packages.
  • Updated settings page.
  • Updated file layout of plugin.
Jun 16

SULly Version 3.0 Released

SULly Version 3.0 has been released, this is a major upgrade, including:

  • Added support for WordPress translation updates.
  • Added support for sending out e-mail when update/installs happen to the administrator.
  • Added support for disabling the auto update messages from WordPress.
  • Fixed status messages on the settings page appearing in the about box instead of the top of the page.
  •  Fixed additional issues with plugins that start with “wordpress-“.
  • Updated options to use an array instead of separate entries.
Jun 13

SULly Version 2.1 Released

SULly Version 2.1 has been released, it has some updates and bug fixes from the 2.0 release:

  • Fixed the delete button’s javascript.
  • Fixed the regex that checks for wordpress core updates to not catch plugin’s that are named “wordpress-xxx”.
  • Fixed detection of plugins that do not use their slug as their primary php file name.
  • Updated display code for unknown updates now displays the filename in the changelog field.
May 19

Multiple Releases

It’s been a week or so of cleanup on several of my WordPress plugins, which has made for several new releases:

  • Auto iFrame 1.0 – Official “1.0” release with Shortcode UI (Shortcake) support.
  • Plugin Info Accordion 1.0 – A new plugin that extends the “Plugin Info” plugin.
  • Posts by Type Access 2.3 – Spanish translation and some WP_DEBUG cleanups.
  • SULly 2.0 – Updates to the visual style and fixes for detecting newer WordPress Core updates correctly.


Nov 07

New WordPress Pluging – SULly

I’ll be releasing a new WordPress plugin this week, SULly, it logs all updates to WordPress and gives you a dashboard widget to display the latest ones.  It’s still a little ruff but the basics work.  It should be in the WordPress Plugin Directory in a day or so.