Oct 25

Schedule Posts Calendar with WordPress 3.6 and IE11

If you have upgraded to Windows 8.1, or installed the IE11 preview on Windows 7 you’ll find the WordPress Schedule Posts Calendar is pretty broken in compatibility mode, which you pretty much need to enable at the moment for WordPress 3.6.

WordPress 3.7 fixes all the issues I’ve found so far, so my suggestion is to upgrade to 3.7.  If for some reason you cannot do that, I’d suggest using Opera or FireFox until you can for your scheduling requirements.

Mar 10

Schedule Posts Calendar V2.1 released

A small bug crept in during the addition of the pop-up calendar code, basically if you used the in line calendar it would set the calendar date to one month in the future of whatever date the post was scheduled to be published.

The bug didn’t affect setting the date though so more of an annoyance than anything. V2.1 fixes this.