Jan 22

Just Writing 3.6/3.6.1 Released

Just Writing 3.6/3.6.1 has been released, with better support for WP 4.1:

  • Fixed an incorrect JavaScript function definition that broke IE.
  • Added meta data editing is now supported in Writing mode.
  • Fixed toolbar resizing would sometimes be incorrect due to the browser lagging behind showing various UI objects.
  • Updated preview button to check for modifications and notify the user before opening the preview window.
Jan 06

Just Writing 3.5 Released

Just Writing 3.5 is the first beta release of WordPress 4.1 support.  There are a few notes on the WP4.1 support:

  •  There is no text mode editor at this time.  Most of the code is in place to support it but at the moment switching between them corrupts the post so it has been disabled.
  • Switching between the edit page and writing mode, unlike the old DFWM, requires a full page load.
  • There are a few hard coded pieces around, so there may be some weird effects with non-english languages.
  • At the moment, only editing the post title and body are supported, however the rest of the post meta data will be added over the next few releases after the base code is stabilized.
Dec 30

WordPress 4.1 and Just Writing… Update!

As I’ve mentioned many times now, WordPress 4.1’s new distraction free writing mode is incompatible with Just Writing.  As such it requires a completely new approach for Just Writing and lots of new code.

I now have a working version of Just Writing up and running on WordPress 4.1 and over the next few days I’ll test it on some production sites to make sure it works as expected.

That should mean Just Writing 3.5 will be out sometime during the first week of January.

For the next couple of releases I will treat the new code as beta quality, with the “official” support starting with version 4.0.

Expect some bugs and probably quite a few releases until 4.0 gets complete.

Dec 17

Just Writing 3.0 Released

Just Writing 3.0 is primarily an internal update release to handle WordPress 4.1.  Note the new DFWM in WordPress 4.1 is not supported at this time, but I will be looking at a couple of options for it in the next few releases:

  • Major restructuring to better support multiple WordPress versions.
  • Unified user options in to a single array instead of many individual settings in the database.
Oct 29

Just Writing 2.18 Released

Just Writing 2.18 is a feature release to add the following:

  • Added browser full screen option.
  • Added css to move the spinner/saved/error messages when saving in full screen outside of the toolbar to a positional span under the buttons.
  • Updated profile screen to only display options if the user has edit_pages or edit_posts capability.
Jan 23

WordPress 3.9 and Just Writing… Update!

I mentioned the other day that WordPress 3.9 was going to take a wreaking ball to Just Writing and that I might not have it ready before 3.9 was released.

Well good news, the wreaking ball was made out of styrofoam so the damage was not as great as I feared.

I have a working version of Just Writing with the development version of WP3.9 up and running so I don’t see any issue with getting it done before 3.9 ships.

If anyone is daring enough, I’ve committed the code to the WordPress SVN repository and you can download it if you like to take it for a test drive.  Otherwise I’ll release it in a few days after I’ve had a chance to test it some more.