Jul 10

CYAN Backup 2.2 Released!

Version 2.2 of CYAN Backup is out:

  • Added: Option to exclude the database from the backup.
  • Added: Option to split the database tables in to separate files instead of a single large one.
  • Added: Option to define the prefix of the archive file name.
  • Added: Artificial delay between export of sql tables.
  • Fixed: Make sure the warning about the next scheduled backup is in the past is only displayed when the schedule is enabled.
  • Fixed: The artificial delay option not working.
  • Fixed: Passwords for remote storage with special characters would not be saved correctly.
  • Fixed: The wp-admin button on the exclude directories had a typo in it and added the wrong directory name.
  • Updated: When going in to the option page, if a backup has been running for at least 12 hours, automatically clear the active backup status.
  • Updated: Artificial delay option to delay every one hundred files or (as before) every ten seconds, which ever happens first.
  • Updated: Detect what kind of web server is being run and only display the required directory configuration button for it..
Feb 02

CYAN Backup 2.1 Released!

Version 2.1 of CYAN Backup is out:

  • Fixed: Download of large backups would fail if the filesize was larger than the available memory and output buffering was enabled.
  • Fixed: Various WP DEBUG warnings.
  • Updated: CSS information for tabs.
  • Updated: Moved screenshots to assets directory.
Apr 03

WP Plugin Updates: Profile Links, OS Integration and CYAN Backup

I’ve updated a few of my WordPress plugins, namely Profile Links, OS Integration and CYAN Backup.

Profile Links and OS Integration are both minor updates and version 1.0 releases as they both appear to be stable now.

CYAN Backup V2.0 was actually released a little while ago and is a major change in now the archive files are created and lots of other bug fixes.  Check out the change log for details.