Monthly Update – April 1, 2013

So I have a working copy of Live Titles on WP8, including wide tile support.  However after investigating supporting WP7.8 it’s defiantly out of the question.  While wide tiles are supported on WP7.8, Microsoft didn’t update the SDK to make them easy to implement like they did in WP8.  It’s just too much work to get them working on WP7.8 so Live Titles 3.0 will be a WP8 only release.

And no this is not an April’s fool day joke 😉

Here’s what’s in the pipeline over the next few months:

  • Live Titles: 3.0 – Submitted to the Store.
  • New Windows Phone app: Still in “thinking about it” stage, it will be a business card style app with QR code support.  Release target: after the Live Titles 8 happens.

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