Monthly Update – December 3, 2012

I have brand spanking new HTC 8X Windows 8 Phone and I’ve started to develop Live Titles 8 and have a basic build up and running now (though just the other day it stopped working and I’m still trying to figure out why).  LT8 should have a version 1.0 out by end of year and support both small and wide Live Tiles.

Here’s whats in the pipeline over the next few months:

  • Live Titles: 3.0 – Probably will never happen now, I’ll move development to Live Titles 8 instead.
  • Live Titles 8: 1.0 – The Windows Phone 8 version of Live Titles, release target is end of year
  • New Windows Phone app: Still in “thinking about it” stage, it will be a business card style app with QR code support.  Release target: after the Live Titles 3.0 update happens.

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