Not So Weekly Update AKA Monthly – October 2, 2012

So some may have noticed a slight lull in the weekly updates…

Honestly I’m currently satisfied with the apps where they are and am not in a big rush to do any updates.

I’m also just too excited about Windows Phone 8 and will wait till the SDK is released until I get back to updating Live Titles.

So instead of weekly updates I’m going to go to monthly updates for a while.

Here’s whats in the pipeline over the next few months:

  • Live Titles: 3.0 – Just not getting much time to work on it and it is stable so…  New release target: end of October.
  • New Windows Phone app: Still in “thinking about it” stage, it will be a business card style app with QR code support.  Release target: after the Live Titles 3.0 update happens.

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