Live Titles V2.0

I just completed version 2 of Live Titles and have submitted it to the MarketPlace.  Highlights are twofold:

  • Fixed nasty bug when load a title you had saved but had used the border size slider to “drag” a new value (instead of tapping to the left or right of the divider).  Basically this created a floating point number to be stored in the configuration file instead of an integer.  No validation was done during the reload so a program crash ensued.
  • Transparency support for colors.  This involves a using the ToolStack PNG Writer as well as a completely new color selector system (the topic of another post at some point).

Version 2 also renames the app from “Live Titles” to “Live Titles Free” so that I can submit a 99 cent version of the app at some point in the future.

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