CYAN Backup 2.2 Released!

Version 2.2 of CYAN Backup is out:

  • Added: Option to exclude the database from the backup.
  • Added: Option to split the database tables in to separate files instead of a single large one.
  • Added: Option to define the prefix of the archive file name.
  • Added: Artificial delay between export of sql tables.
  • Fixed: Make sure the warning about the next scheduled backup is in the past is only displayed when the schedule is enabled.
  • Fixed: The artificial delay option not working.
  • Fixed: Passwords for remote storage with special characters would not be saved correctly.
  • Fixed: The wp-admin button on the exclude directories had a typo in it and added the wrong directory name.
  • Updated: When going in to the option page, if a backup has been running for at least 12 hours, automatically clear the active backup status.
  • Updated: Artificial delay option to delay every one hundred files or (as before) every ten seconds, which ever happens first.
  • Updated: Detect what kind of web server is being run and only display the required directory configuration button for it..

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