OS Integration 2.0 Released

OS Integration 2.0 is a major release with support for the upcoming WordPress 4.3.

Upgrade notes:

  • If you have upgraded to WordPress 4.3, OS Integration will override the Site Icon’s settings and strip the meta information from the page headers.  If you wish to use WordPress 4.3’s Site Icons, you can override this behaviour in the OS Integration advanced settings page.
  • If you are using the local XML feed, please check for the new options to include featured images in the settings page.

V2.0 has the following changes:

  • Added: Preview of image and background in the general tab.
  • Added: Featured images are now supported in locally hosted XML Live Tiles.
  • Added: Hooked in to the admin header load to support favicons in the admin panel.
  • Added: Strip WordPress 4.3’s Site Icon meta data so we don’t get a conflict.
  • Added: Tab to settings page to display current images.
  • Updated: Only add the custom local XML feed for Windows Live Tiles if the local option has been selected and Live Tiles are enabled.
  • Updated: About tab.
  • Fixed: Rebuild the images when configuration changes make it necessary (like changing the background color, logo position and other settings).
  • Fixed: Image Magic code now works!
  • Fixed: Check to make sure the os-integration directory exists in the uploads before trying to use it.
  • Fixed: Check to make sure the user has uploaded an PNG file before trying to use it and show an error message if not.
  • Fixed: Don’t try to generate the iOS files if an error has occurred due to the square or wide image generation.
  • Fixed: Some WordPress installs would not generate the local XML feed URL correctly.
  • Fixed: A really new WordPress installs (where there were not 3 posts yets) the local XML feed would create blank entries on the live tiles..

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