Monthly Update – January 1, 2015

Here’s what’s in the pipeline over the next few months:

  • Super Secret Project: At a standstill but should get some attention after Just Writing.
  • Super Secret Project #2: On hold, the need that this was driven by has been pushed back.
  • Just Writing: 3.0 Released – As expected WordPress 4.1 broke Just Writing, 3.0 was a compatibility release that simply disabled itself on WP 4.1 or higher.  I have a new design in place to support WP4.1 and coding is coming along well on it, I expect to have something released early in the new year.
  • Post by Type Access: 2.2 Released – Post by Type Access was my first WordPress plugin and as I’ve started using it in a few new circumstances I found it needed some updates.  The primary change here was moving away from the built in WordPress functions to determine category counts as they really didn’t return the right information.  I don’t expect any other changes will be required for a while.

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