Monthly Update – September 1, 2014

Here’s what’s in the pipeline over the next few months:

  • Super Secret Project: Still in development, but coming along better now.
  • Super Secret Project #2: Sigh… more ideas than time…
  • SpamAssassin Preferences: 0.1 – Released.  I’m moving my own internal system over to it this month and haven’t found any issues yet so I’ll likely do a 1.0 release this month.
  • Just Writing: 2.17 – Released.  A minor update to add the spell check tag to the post title so your web browser will spell check it.
  • Live Titles: 4.0 – Rewriting a good bit of the app to make it easier to add features and functions.  SSP (see above) and some of the WordPress plugins have taken my attention away from this at the moment.

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