ToolStack C# PNG Writer Library

License: This is public domain software, use and abuse as you see fit.

Current Version: 2.1 – Released November 11, 2013

This library is a PNG file writer class for Windows Phone 8/7.5/7.1/7.0.

Both a standalone class as well as a WriteableBitmap extension class are implemented, at this time compression is NOT supported.

This library is inspired by the examples hosted at the forums on WriteableBitmapEx project at the codeplex site.

Three separate files are available to download:

  • ToolStack PNG Writer Library V2.1 – Core code and class definition.
  • ToolStack PNG Writer WB Extension V1.0 – WriteableBitmap extension class.
  • PNG Test application – Sample/Test application that uses both of the above.

The PNG Test application contains all files required for Visual Studio Express 10 and both the ToolStack CRC Library and PNGWriter library files.

If you are downloading just the library, make sure you also download the ToolStack CRC Library as well as it is required.

Links: Library Download – Extension DownloadPNG Test Download