With over 30 years of programming experience, there are a lot of applications that I’ve written that are either no longer used or supported. As well there are a few larger projects that I’ve contributed to that I am no longer involved in.

This page is dedicated to all those that have fallen by the wayside but are remembered fondly 😉

In the near future I’ll be filling in some details of each project, check back soon for a trip down memory lane!

TWIG – The Web Information Gateway, a webmail and PIM client wirtten in PHP.

PicTerm/PicView – Image viewer for BBS’s in the early 90’s written in C.

DSTBase – a complete dBase library written in C.

DSTddel – DOS directory deletion tools.

DSTdns – a DNS server for Windows, never completed due to Microsoft bringing out their own DNS.

DSTini – a C library for reading/writing Windows ini files.

DSTLaunch – a Windows toolbar with command line like functionality.

DSTMail/DSTRead – an offline mail reader for QWK message files.

DSTNTPassFilter – A password filter plugin for Windows to enforce different password requirements.

ApacheConfig – a Windows based graphics configuration editor for Apache.

DSTSetup – a Windows installer.

Banyan Vines GOD disk – an admin tool for Banyan Vines based servers.

A pile of DOS, Windows, NetWare, Banyan Vines and Unix utilities that scratched an itch at the time 😉